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Today’s internet is interactive and easy to use. There are hundreds of thousands of interactive sites that are available to post free comments, thoughts, blogs and articles.  Writers and wannabe writers can post as many articles as they want in many different websites that welcome free information. Many sites even pay for these articles. Videos are also a very popular part of the new internet. People can now download their own homemade video on sites like You Tube for free and gain instant fame.  Some sites will pay for how many visitors you receive on your page. There are hundreds of social networking sites on the internet today. In addition to the large networking sites such as MySpace, there are also smaller networking sites that are geared towards special interests. Just about every interest is represented on the internet. Today’s internet is faster and user friendly than ever before and welcomes people from all over the world to participate and enjoy. While some people are enjoying finding some information on the internet and meeting people, others are looking at the new internet as a way to make money. A lot of money.  As a matter of fact, billions of dollars are made on the internet every single day. You used to have to have a store to make money on the internet. If you wanted to sell something, you had to sell one of the usual marketing items or try to make a niche in an obscure market. Most of the markets such as electronics and books have been saturated on the internet. There is a lot of competition out there and it comes from all over the world. One thing that is always a seller on the internet or anywhere else is fast information.  When people want information, they want it fast. Especially if they are looking for it on the internet. If you can provide people with information that they really need, or really want in a quick manner, you can make some money. Years ago, if you wanted to be a writer, you had to type out a book on a typewriter and submit it to the major publishing houses.  Chances are that they would not want to even read the book, so inundated they were with manuscripts from people who want to be writers.  The public was pretty much at the mercy of these publishing houses.  When you think about it, how do we know how many Hemingways or Dickens were turned away? Today anyone can be a writer. Not a very good writer, but a write just the same. And if you can put a pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard) you can pound out a book. You have to have some sort of outline and a message that you want to convey, but you can do it. There are thousands of people who are writing books online and publishing them as well. Even what used to be known as “vanity publishing” has changed and is more affordable for average people who want to write a book for fun.


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